Our Management Team

We have a high-performance team of diverse and talented leaders that live our mission and values.

Arvind Raghava

Mr Arvind Raghava, Managing director of Triculin Technologies Pvt. Ltd who has worked for several Multi-National blue-chip companies in the capacity of a senior consultant was hailed early in his tenure as a technocrat who could start a movement with a one-line idea.

Mr Raghava is a voracious reader with vast exposure to different cultures and countries. Mr Raghava is a passionate environmentalist, believes in preserving the ecosystem and adheres to all environmental norms. He keeps a tight schedule and is a healthy lifestyle enthusiast.

Mr Arvind’s mission is to make technology affordable and user-friendly for every individual on this planet. His philosophy has been crystal clear digital technology must be adapted to meet the needs of the people whatever their station in life – the program of the Government. “Carrying technology to the people” conveys human-technology interaction, intelligent Mobility towards a homogeneous Digital Society. Triculin under his stewardship is in the process of developing innovative solutions to support humans in areas of their everyday life.

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