engagement model

Pick and choose or mix and match from our engagement models

Our client engagement models are designed to offer the most client-specific service at all times. It factors in the components that make client's requests unique. Keeping in view of the challenges being faced by the customers, we offer highly flexible and adaptable engagement models.

Fixed Price

The Project Based Pricing or Fixed Bid model allow customers to get a predictable budget, timeline and cost. This model also guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects. Deliverables, costs, and timelines are clearly defined up front in the model. However, in this model, for any change in scope at the later stage in the project delivery, a prior agreed upon fixed hourly rate is charged to the client.

Strategic Partner Model

Under this model, Clients can strategically involve and we can be a strategic technical partner to address all technology requirements leveraging our global delivery capabilities and that best serves the evolving business requirements of our clients. In addition to the cost advantages, with management control, the clients can monitor and manage the overall initiative with better control.

Time and Material

The Time & Material model is used when the requirements of the project evolve over times. This option is fully negotiable and can use an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly rate or on another regular basis for the amount of work, tasks, resources, materials, or other expenses that were applied in the development process.

Offshore Development Centre (ODC)

We can establish and manage dedicated offshore development center to develop IT solutions, maintain legacy systems, and provide 24-hour, on-call support. Our top class facilities ensure that your team is setup in an isolated section clearly separate from the rest of the office yet enjoying full benefits of our state of the art infrastructure.

Extended Team

Extended Team A Dedicated facility is an extension of the client's own engineering/development center. In this model, we build a team in India with the best skill sets, resources, and flexibility and time-to-market advantages to the customers, taking all necessary efforts to protect the Intellectual Property Rights of the customers. We take complete responsibility for project management and delivery and ensure that we meet your quality standards and timescales.

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